How to connect your bank account to Loop

Before you can add cards, load funds or send payments, you need to connect your bank account to Loop. The account you need to connect is your business bank account that is external to Loop (i.e., with another financial institution).

To connect your bank account:

Click on settings.
Click on bank accounts.
Click add bank account.
Proceed through your bank login. Loop cannot view any of your banking passwords or security credentials.

Once complete, you will see the verified account in the settings page. If you would like to add more than one bank account, simply follow these steps again for each additional account.

  • If your account does not automatically verify, it means one of the following actions need to take place:
  • If the email address you used to create your account with Loop is different from the email address you use with your connected bank account, you will need to proceed through an additional verification step. Please check the email address that is associated with your connected bank account for an email from Loop. This email will guide you through a one-click verification process.
  • In some cases, additional verification measures may be required. If this is the case, you will receive an email from Loop with details on uploading your bank statement to your Loop account. 

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