How to set up payment approval workflows

Make faster and more secure payments with configurable approval workflows for all of your business payments!

Say hello to configurable approval rules with the updated payments functionality from Loop. You can easily implement robust controls into your payment workflow by setting up two distinct payment users (creators and approvers).  

When someone on your team creates a payment, Loop will automatically submit the payment  to the designated approvers. Once they approve the payment, money is sent instantly - providing you with a faster and more secure way to make your business payments.

Here’s how you can set up users with this new workflow:

  1. Make sure the users that you want to create or approve payments are set up as a user by adding them under the Team section of your Loop Settings.
  2. Select “Edit User Permissions” for the team member and select the permissions you want them to have. For example, if you want them to be able to create new payees and create new payee payments but not be able to approve them, then you would assign them the following permissions:
  • View Payee Payments
  • Create Payee
  • Create Payee Payments

  1. Users with the “Create Payee Payments” permission will be able to create payments which are then submitted for review by users with “Approve Payee Payments”.

  1. Approvers will receive an email notification of the payee payments made by your team that require approval. To approve the payments, simply go to Payments > Manage & Pay Payees > Pending Approval, where you can review any requests and approve or deny them in a single click.

Loop’s new approval workflows help you better manage your accounts payable with easily configurable controls, streamlined expense management, and time-saving processes. Switch to Loop and take advantage of the better way to pay.

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