Loop FX Guide

Loop offers market-leading FX rates that are designed to provide you savings, regardless of the size of your business or volume of your transactions. While other FX providers limit cost savings to specific volume thresholds, Loop offers simplified pricing that will scale with your business needs.

To compare Loop's rates, use our FX calculator here: https://www.bankonloop.com/rates

You can compare the pricing and rate per Loop plan here: https://www.bankonloop.com/pricing

How to convert currencies through Loop

To convert between CAD, USD, EUR and GBP, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Accounts page in your Loop account
  2. Select the currency you would like to convert from
  3. Click the 'Convert' button
  4. Select the 'To'/'Buying' currency, view the rate, and complete the transaction

How to use Loop's FX rates for global payments

If you need to send a payment out in one of the currencies listed above, or another international currency, use the Send Payments feature in your Loop account. You will enjoy the same great rate on these conversions and Loop will facilitate a quick and simple payment process.

  1. Go to the Send Payments page in your Loop account
  2. Click 'Add Payee'
  3. Specify the currency you would like to send the payment in
  4. Add the remaining Payee details and click 'Send Payment'

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